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For Mobile,For winForm,For WebForm-All in Zoomla!CMS

02/15/2016 admin


For Mobile,For winForm,For WebForm-All in Zoomla!CMS

As early as three years ago, ZoomlaCMS identified WebForm, WinForm, 3F's MobileForm strategy, which has a strong mobile Internet strategy to move to promote the development of the software industry priority.


Enterprise class mobile application development

We know that the enterprise's ultimate demand, not only simple website, also not to move, effectiveness is the hard truth, wisdom benefits, the support of large data cloud, strong security escort to construct the complete closed-loop application system, which is service to Chinese enterprise mobile platform



Intelligent generation APP


The site has not been built, APP has been synchronized planning! Only APP? We also bring you a smart unified portal matrix! WeChat just do articles reproduced? Our micro portal and intelligent application more convenient. This is the application of PC, mobile, WeChat triple play system, based on the new ZoomlaCMS product technology, but all this is free and open!

Unified data

The future has come, not just mobile applications, including smart client, intelligent hardware and the application of a series of data. For example, our intelligent KINECT project that has delivered a number of commercial applications.

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