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ZoomlaCMS international version has been released

02/16/2016 admin

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I am full of enthusiasm beyond, continue to climb to run, and to meet the new Chaoyang, will usher in a higher achievement.

2016, ZoomlaCMS brings a new build products, the product release is the most important ZoomlaCMS history of product updates, and ushered in a new kernel.


The update includes:

1.The new kernel, the new kernel, new kernel, the background of the new UI, indicating that the Zoomla! Joomla CMS in the history of the fine background interface development environments era arrival.

2.Support Linux open source platform deployment, no wrong, that is, new Zoomla! Joomla CMS support deployed in open source mono platform, which is China's first support platform open source cms arrival.

3.Large data optimization calculation, including the Oracle platform support.

Mobile SmartJS 4, support optimization, mobile application development more convenient.

Education module 5, a new, improved test and support more excellent papers

6.The new tag sequence organization and optimization.

7.The new node model configuration library, is no longer a physical hard disk to generate nodes, columns of file information, will be calculated to the background of large data and high energy memory processing, so that the background to enhance the operation three times.

8.Optimize the social login function.

9.The optimization of the editor version, support for the hidden editor, empty the editor content, the protection of the contents of the operation (editor on the left side of the three operations will be a small icon to support this operation).

10.The optimized map labeling, support for Baidu, Google map pixel level tagging, support for GPS location information reading and mining.

11.The new ability center, service in enterprise class BI application.

12.The new project management platform to support a multi step adjustment and order management.

13.Multi subject tree support, and support the migration and other functions.

14.Shop management optimization.

15.The new installation interface, air refreshing, more rational and convenient.

16.Bootstrap upgrade to V3.34, available on the Download

17.Webfont Olson icon for the V4.5 upgrade, can download experience

18.ZoomlaCMS webfont icon join merge in the dist directory, and in the template being example, facilitate the official material of the reference, and provide support for further zhulang of Library Development

19.The new background configuration center, supporting the host file header, error page, 404 and other definitions

20.Optimization of the web. Config, no longer need to in IIS7 reduction processing code can fully support operation, file also further streamlining of narrow, small and not Jane: strong and powerful.

21.Optimize the OA office functions

22.Modify: background Logo Icon link processing, the new webfont icon support

23.Modify: background custom Logo logo,

24.Repair: lock screen - to unlock the wrong Bug, the product model does not show the system field Bug, does not support the 170 segment phone Bug, courier companies and customer service can not be filled Bug

25.Modify: site.config and the background of the corresponding sequential format

26.Modify: handle the login page of the cloud effect

27.Modify, improve the details of the new background, background Open will be animated, point to the upper right corner of the cose is permanently closed, after entering the background page, welcome "welcome" 2 words will restart the interface, regardless of whether it is enabled, the background support finishing applications and cache cache optimization and to 0 seconds opening.

28.Remove: help.html old version of the mall to submit examples

29.Increase: two yuan to increase the return of a key high frequency page

30.Expansion: support Oracle database links and basic operations

31.Repair: Firefox browser, tag assistant, click and drag invalid Bug

32.Modify: background banner address to the official website of the two-dimensional code address, and used for capacity Center

33.Revised: riding fast plug-in reprint articles garbled.

34.Optimization: background - - as the user login, the pop-up window will no longer be the browser block

35.Expansion: test generation of Word, increase the page size and orientation

36.Revised: add three linkage data in Yunnan Province

37.No longer save background system settings - basic information in the banner a, changed to official two-dimensional code, easy reference (Modern site is no longer confined to a site only a banner of the old thinking)

38.Repair: label dragging Bug 1th watches and apple do not jump to Bug, the ability of center - mobile phone, no point name workflow Bug

39.Special move function

40.Increased by ID or background search search by name, to support the massive project management.Optimization of 41, member center, optimize the educational progress template

42.A new type of wear products, visit the Http:// experience, camera processing based on HTML5.

43.Repair cannot be static label named BUG

44.Extended - Data Dictionary - school choice, three grade school database.

45.Adding: domain name collection function, support domain name + port collection (such as setting:, access to all will jump to the domain name + port) and multi domain name website SEO provide convenience, this function need in the background - System - site configuration - Advanced Settings - security settings, define the uniform domain name collection access] enabled

46.Short circuit interface increase cloud messaging interface.

47.Extended travel module;

48.The streamlined SQL express database support, as long as 3 minutes in the local deployment of successful experience of small database, and optimization tools.

49.Font management software (for one click Install and uninstall fonts

50.Interactive module AJAX interface for the end user, add and modify the interaction information (for safety consideration, interactive interface module AJAX is turned off by default, according to the need to manually open)

51.Expansion: the ability to click on the center - paging load more, switching all operations for AJAX

52.Expansion: Competence Center -- preliminary increase simple editor released (click the trigger function long article)

53.A simple map -- | completely, search after placed markers, increase correlation (ZL_CommonModel.RelateIDS) function of the nearby scenic spots

54.Expansion: The Encyclopedia of special Wikipedia editor

55.Expansion: The Encyclopedia of optimization content page

56.The optimization of the template, the first page animation only on the first open loading, second cookies identification and do not show, other pages are optimized.

57.Label no longer exist in the template/ scheme name / repository, but to "scheme name /label folder, which will provide support for further Joomla CMS International Edition

58.The background data element transfer function

59.The background provides a new label promotion function, in the background - System - the title template style - version upgrade tool

60.Everywhere and can increase the function of generating preview page

61.WeChat optimization payment and the number of public port

62.Optimize the English language pack for the international version ready

63.Many other details and updates, please visit the view


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