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02/16/2016 admin

Zoomla!CMS born since 2006, has been formed in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang three major operations center.

As a member of the China's first generation of Internet enterprise, we not only share the the era of reform and opening up of the achievements and courtesy, also adhering to the last century, both red and expert, Shouzhen Shima, ritual Kejifuli excellent quality.

The company was founded at the beginning, that is, to serve the Chinese Internet companies - China Internet business across the board as its mission, focusing on CMS and WEB software development.

The structure of the company: Beijing + Shanghai + Nanchang focused on the development of a situation of tripartite confrontation.

In China, the most high-end software operations, while in Nanchang Shanghai inland R & D center to provide a stable product and services, rather than to Kita Kamihiro's flight as the composition of the family, only to sell the concept.

We only do: WebForm, WinForm, MobileForm (3F strategy)

Attention is our root, ten thousand people take the brush as Qi Baishi brushes, attention to become a leader in the field of software, software company.

Business philosophy: the pursuit of the future, only the first.

Adhering to provide customers with quality products and services.

Create a global, to do the best CMS (Web site) kernel and WEB software and information service platform, and into the wisdom of thinking, in order to promote the information technology civilization, build a solid core of the internet!

Do the Internet Luban, IT Industry Association and the implementation of the dream road and the road to success.

Team concept: in unison,only for the technology!

Technology is our fundamental, we will inject to excellence in software intelligence, Our software deployed to all customers and provide real-time on-site foot for longer service action of cyprus,
To 100 employees 99 is the positioning of the programmer to form a pure technology without sales model.

Stripping master software and Savior, with diligence, pragmatism, loyalty to conquering Sparta square -- sword breaking dawn.

Product positioning: the leader of the third generation CMS.

Inject core competitive power for the user, Abandon the traditional rough set template idea, provides high-end applications from the cloud computing, data mining, mobile Internet, application access as the core.

Provide open products, provide the core of the Pentium core for Chinese enterprise, government and owners.

Chase the future, only the first, more than ten years website development and solving scheme of service experience. Services include government, military, foreign invested enterprises, the world 500 strong enterprises, and many local webmaster, is committed to creating the best kernel site management system.

ZoomlaCMS as with independent intellectual property rights of the website management system (CMS) developers, unique sandbox development philosophy, won the high-end users and developers respected and completely open software system is industry leader.

Currently ZoomlaCMS has content management, mall, shop, station group, OA, document output, flex, community, public, CRM, project management and other modules and is the only synchronization provides MSSQL and Oracle database calculation of CMS in high-end manufacturers. It is also the first through the ISO9001 international quality system certification standards of website content management kernel system services. ZoomlaCMS using templates and data completely stripped, unique sandbox development thought, the Chinese characteristics of the function of a business process service oriented, and the independent Z-power template engine system, provides unlimited node generation, Doku coexist, free design, visual style operation of website development experience for the user.

More important is, ZoomlaCMS on templates and using visual system at the same time, to abandon the traditional to template and template set thinking, all the functions of the nodes is completely open, the user can free to organize a system architecture and application system, to maximize the liberated the webmaster and development of energy, let users concerned about nuclear business processing, all user oriented open, customer success, development and common prosperity.

We only focus on WEB research and development,

We only focus on providing services for businesses and portals,

We are only interested in data processing and developer oriented services.

We are not focused on government system integrators,

We are not open the company to find the so-called venture capital company.

We are just a rigorous development of software vendors,

We only care about every detail of the implementation of Case and the capture of cocoon,

We are only for the ideal and the cause of the future,

Let us go into the free development world of ZoomlaCMS.

The future of WEB is built by us!

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